This course introduces students to interaction design through the lens of interfaces, users, and systems. Emphasis is placed on user interface design [UI] and user experience study [UX]. Upon completion of this course students will learn a design process for interactive products, and design an interactive application.

This course is currently only available as a design elective for second and third year students enrolled in the full-time graphic design program at the SCHOOLOFDESIGN of George Brown College.

Past Student Works

Featured student work

What's Your Call
by Sara Minor

Interactive campaign focused on educating and engaging athletic teen boys in a dialogue regarding sexual assault and enthusiastic consent.

Users link their smartphones to their computers to guide an experience, with questions popping up on mobile. Answers to questions modify storyline outcomes, and are met with short concluding video interviews featuring survivors of sexual assault.

The What’s #YourCall interactive desktop-linked mobile application derives its success from thorough research. Understanding and connecting with key demographic behaviours allow for a simple, low-copy, high visual design with distinct hierarchy to appeal to teen males, who have short attention spans.

Though initially difficult to percieve conceptually, when the user is walked through the brief summary of time constraints, technologies utilized as well as connectivity opportunities, the application becomes more obvious to grasp. Introducing the user in this way proves successful to aid in reducing drop-offs due to confusion or misperceptions.

By utilizing video to explain key storyline points rather than long copy, and alternating the user’s focus between mobile and desktop, we keep the user challenged and engaged. Arrows guide the user through the experience, directing focus to the mobile app, desktop screen or to the next storyline.

The colour scheme and design elements lend themselves to appealing to the target demographic; athletic teen boys engrained in “macho” culture. By utilizing copy and design which evokes sports-like themes, we are able to demonstrate an understanding of their perspective and therefore are able to gain their trust.

Overall the design engages the user by framing them as an active part of a storyline. Additional features could easily include extra storylines, a distinct notification on the mobile device that notifies that the user needs to make a decision, just to stress the purpose of the app, as well as more detailed representations of user comparisons at conclusion. The look and feel allows users to engage in a behaviour they may have otherwise dismissed, aiding the efficacy of our message.

  • Best Advertising and Best in Show: Second Place, George Brown College School of Design Year End Show, 2014
  • Best of the Best under the category of Social Innovation, Digifest Best of the Best Student Showcase 2014
  • Applied Arts Student Award, Complete Advertising Campaign, 2014
  • Milestone Integrated Award for Digital Marketing Design and Honourable Mention in Interaction Design, RGD Student Awards 2014